How to create the most succulent hog roast

There are few party foods more spectacular and delicious than a whole roast pig served with quarts of thick barbecue sauce. A properly roasted pig can be the life of the party, so to speak, but correctly selecting, preparing and serving the whole hog presents a technical challenge that few home chefs are prepared to tackle, with most people choosing to leave it to the professionals.However, with practice, patience and this handy cooking guide, you too can turn out the perfect pig from your roasting box for your party.

hog roast

Whilst you can have fun creating your own hog roast, there are many professional options such as The Roasting Pig’s hog roast hire in Warwickshire, also catering for hog roast’s in Nottingham and around the Midlands. These professional hog roast caterers can deliver all of the preparation, cooking and serving of the food but obviously at a higher price than doing it yourself. Continue reading “How to create the most succulent hog roast”

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